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Monday, 26 October 2015

Take our fun vintage quiz and find out your perfect fashion era!

Have you ever wondered what your perfect vintage fashion era is?  Whether you should be channelling Daisy Buchanan or Jackie O and what decade really suits your personality?

Well, all you need to do is play our fab little vintage fashion quiz! Answer a few totally relevant questions (ok, maybe not totally relevant but still totally fun!) and our cute quiz tell you what era your heart really belongs to!

We have all been chuffed to bits with the answers we have received and have already tried some of the suggested vintage style dresses and vintage accessories to style out our chosen era in style!

Get clicking and decide which decade you should rock this season....

Friday, 23 October 2015

Our Favourite Vintage Inspired Bridesmaid Dresses

We know that all the eyes should be on the bride on the big day, but we’re always secretly lusting after those gorgeous gowns the bridesmaids are strutting around in too! It's so easy to forget how stunning the rest of the wedding party can look when you're dazzled by the beautiful bride. With winter weddings coming up and brides planning for the next summer wedding season, we thought we would put together our favourite vintage inspired bridesmaid dresses that look just as romantic as the day itself.

Millie Mackintosh made sure her bridesmaids looked pretty in pink back in 2013.
For more Mackintosh/Green wedding inspo head over to One Fab Day.

Get that dusky hue of Millie’s girls in our 1930s Beaded Maxi Dress.

Kate Bosworth looking radiant in a flattering black gown, our Black Tassel Flapper is equally as sultry.

Perfect-in-purple Keira Knightley at her brother's wedding.

Choose a flirty hemline like Keira in our Eucalyptus Darcie Dress or our Eucalyptus Yellow Prom Dress.

Get 1970s style with our Coral Maxi Dress if you fancy something a bit more floaty and lightweight like the quirky Maggie Gyllenhaal.

If you're the lucky bride searching for that frilly frock to throw on for the evening do, check out Amal Clooney in her beautiful wedding party dress, you can get the look with our Gold Fringe Flapper style.

If you're stepping up for bridesmaid duty, then you'll love our collection of vintage bridesmaid dresses, perfect for summer and winter weddings to make sure the bridal party shines. Even if you’re not a bridesmaid (this time) we have a gorgeous collection of vintage wedding guest dresses too. All you need to RSVP in style!

Friday, 9 October 2015

The History of the Flapper Dress

Let us take you back in time to the glittering jazz age! A period of forward-thinking fashion and frivolity – is there anything more fun? For women, this was a time of fast change and movement in society, a shift in roles had resulted in more and more women entering the workforce. This meant a whole new way of life for womankind – we thank you 1920s girls! Think independent women defying the boundaries of society…

Enter the Flapper! With her stylish short bob and fresh concept of the ideal woman, she celebrated modern ideas about womanhood and appropriate female behaviour. This innovative young woman wore a new style, totally rejecting past fashion! Instead of emphasising the female figure, as past dresses were intended, this new style had a more masculine shape, with a loose waist, flat chest and shortened hem – ooh how we love those short flapper dresses at RMV. This was a complete contrast to the Victorian ideal of petticoats, corsets and crinolines used to accentuate the female shape (however much we LOVE the flapper dress, we’re not forgetting how fabulous a corset is… we love you Dita!).

Cover for the music score 'she had her hair cut' in 1924.

This was a bold move for women, discarding traditional fashion rules and celebrating a more modern, fast-paced lifestyle. Due to the simplicity of the patterns women could now easily make these styles at home (we’re picturing fancy flapper girls stitching and sewing in their bedrooms) - accessible shimmying for all!

Coco Chanel had a huge influence and impact on this new sassy style. She designed beautifully elegant outfits using fabric typically used for men’s utility clothes! Stripping garments down and replacing layers and layers of fabric with beads and embroidery to embellish, these dresses were easier and lighter to wear. By “letting go of the waistline” and freeing women from heavy dresses and strict silhouettes, this style became what we all know as the flapper look…
Coco Chanel in one of her glittering designs

Model showing off a beautiful black Chanel flapper dress, you can find a similar style here.

Chanel suit in 1926

Chanel cocktail dress in the 1920s
This gorgeous piece reminds us of our 1920s tassel dress and our black sequin flapper dress with full on sparkle! Just like the photo, you can add some Chanel-chic to your outfit with these vintage style pearls.


The flapper dress shaped fashion for the future and is still one of the most fabulous frocks to wear today! Forever appearing on the catwalk and the red carpet, take this super flirty dress Cara has on here; we adore her take on timeless flapper fashion, read more on our Style Steal blog post here.

Take a look at our fabulous flapper fashion picks below; this is how we rock the look!

 We adore the feather hair decor in this stunning photo.
Love the flapper cape sleeve? Check out our beaded playsuit!

If you fancy a flirty flapper maxi like in this image, we have it sorted.

Go ahead....get that full on Gatsby glamour in time for the party season and rock your flapper dress just like they did in the roaring twenties!