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Friday, 3 November 2017

Guide To Surviving The Party Season In Style

 It might seem a little early but we think it helps to be a little prepared. Whatever your plans are this party season, we've got a few tips to help you steal the spotlight this year...

Plan A Killer Party Look

It's seriously time to throw out that tired LBD and plan a killer party outfit that'll knock the socks off everyone you know.  Preferably miles in advance so you're not struggling and rushing around that crucial week before the festivities begin...

Awesome Accessorising

Strapped for cash but want to make a statement? Easy, simply pop on a striking art deco accessory like this stylish sunburst necklace to add a dash of dazzle to your look.

Send Your Invites Out On Time

An essential part of planning any party is remembering to invite your guests, so our advice is don't leave it until the last minute. Being vintage enthusiasts we recommend going the whole hog and writing them out by hand.  A facebook group simply won't cut it in our book. 

Create The Ultimate Playlist

 Nothing gets you in the party mood, quite like a banging tune! Crank up the volume and put on all the cheesy classics to help pre-plan a showstopper. 

Have A Backup

When the moment comes, there's nothing worse than realising you've got the dress code of the evening totally wrong - after all who the heck knows what smart casual REALLY means! So we'd be prepared and cover both options. Don't worry there's plenty of smart, yet sassy styles on sale at RMV to save the day.  

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