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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Get ready for Team GB!

In case you weren't enthusiastic about Team GB and the Olympics before, the V&A museum is currently looking at British design and innovation from 1948 through to 2012, to celebrate everything brilliant about our nation! What better way to Rule Britannia, than in vintage red, white and blue, check out our outfits below to get into the spirit! 



Our favourite vintage outfit above is the gorgeous deep blue 70's vintage maxi dress, which will look stunning with a statement piece of jewellery like the Tatty Devine vintage style bracelet featuring white posies. Now just finish it off with this wonderful paisley print silk scarf and you'll be ready for a Brit fit summer! To check out all of these wonderful items go to Rock My Vintage! 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Can You Say Prom?

Yes, It's nearly that time of the year again indeed. Everyone is running around trying to find the perfect prom dress, the one that will stand out. The one dress that promises you will look absolutely gorgeous, before you even put it on. Do not fret so much now, because there is an amazing option right here at RMV.

It is really hard to tell whether it is the amazing  floral pattern or the way the pale yellow reminds us of warm custard...mmm either way, I don't care who takes me to the prom just as long as I can wear this dream.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Prom Bomb

If drama, colour and full on fabulous sounds appeal, have a butchers at this vintage bomb prom! Working the bold colour and metallic trends this stunning full net skirt prom dress is guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd. Check out the swoosh!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Elegant skylines

If we were around in the late 1940’s we would definitely want to be the fifth member of this group! It definitely takes an elegant group of women not to be outdone by the New York skyline, but these four are definitely up to scratch. Then again this photo was taken by legendary photographer Norman Parkinson for Vogue 1949, so they did have a little help! With hints of red peeking out from the sophisticated black coats, gorgeous brooches and some incredible head wear, this should be a master class for any aspiring fashion photographer. 

                                                Young velvets, Young Prices, Hat fashions

Feeling left out? Well here at Rock my Vintage we are always here to help! This fabulous vintage fedora hat in pillar-box red would make you the perfect fifth member; now all you need is a time machine.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Natalie Portman Rocking Vintage Dior

Still can't believe the Oscars are over. It's almost like Christmas, you wait for it all year round, but the actual day is the usual swift collage of fabulously coloured blurred events. Then it ends, and the countdown until next year starts again. In fact, my stress levels peaked when trying to stream the event online (thanks Virgin Media by the way) much more than they had about my essay due the next day.

And you know what? If I flunked it, it was well worth it! I still get slightly flustered when I flip through magazines to find photos of Natalie Portman's Vintage 1954 red and black polka dot Dior dress! Seriously this girl is a goddess sent to earth to save us all with fabulous couture!

She is my biggest girl crush everrrrrrrrrr <3 

Caterina x