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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Natalie Portman Rocking Vintage Dior

Still can't believe the Oscars are over. It's almost like Christmas, you wait for it all year round, but the actual day is the usual swift collage of fabulously coloured blurred events. Then it ends, and the countdown until next year starts again. In fact, my stress levels peaked when trying to stream the event online (thanks Virgin Media by the way) much more than they had about my essay due the next day.

And you know what? If I flunked it, it was well worth it! I still get slightly flustered when I flip through magazines to find photos of Natalie Portman's Vintage 1954 red and black polka dot Dior dress! Seriously this girl is a goddess sent to earth to save us all with fabulous couture!

She is my biggest girl crush everrrrrrrrrr <3 

Caterina x

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