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Friday, 21 October 2016

Style Steal - Practical Magic

We all love a bit of nostalgia and 'The Craft'  sums up everything we love about nineties Gothic fashion! From the studded chokers, thick black eyeliner, plaid and of course 
lots of little black dresses.  It is also an awesome Halloween film and makes a 
stylish, badass costume!

Therefore we thought we'd share some of our devilishly tempting Gothic goodies! Introducing our grungy embroidered flapper dress, dramatic cameo choker,  
glamorous Art Deco Clutch, unique Tatty Divine Palmistry necklace and spellbinding
 Gold and Black Deco Ring.

Check out our Halloween fashion at: 
Featured: Fairuza Balk in the Craft (Buzzfeed), Craft Film Poster (IMDb)

Friday, 14 October 2016

Street Style At The Custard Factory!

At rock my vintage we are all about celebrating  individuality and creativity! 
So we thought we'd showcase some of the very best examples of street fashion
and style at the heart of where we're based here at the custard factory.

Saliah wears:

Zara Jacket
Zara Top
Dr. Martens
New look Leggings 

Makeda wears:

Vintage jacket from COW vintage shop
New look customised jeans
Top - new look uniform

Emma wears:

 Trousers from new look
Blouse from primark
Jacket from H & M
Boots from New Look
Purse Kurt Geiger

Emma & Paula Wear:

Paula - Outfit All Handmade!
 Converse shoes

Emma - Handmade Headscarf by Paula,
 Warehouse coat,
 Levis Jeans
Doc Martins 

To check out the latest quirky vintage looks and street styles visit:

Friday, 7 October 2016

Decades Of Style

From left to right : Featuring Clara Bow (Vanity fair Magazine), Betty Davies (, Ava Gardner (, Marilyn Monroe (, Twiggy (Hub Page) , Diana Ross ( 


Featuring: Louise Brooks (Lauren Isaacs Vitello) & Bee Jackson (

Louise Brooks & Bee Jackson just embody the energy, glamour and excitement of the
20s era in these stunning flapper dresses don't they?. The 20s was all about the drop 
waist, low neckline, beads and bobs! With a emphasis on the back, loose fitting waist lines  
and bejewelled fabric , it  was a defining era for fashion.  Fun, sensational and lively 
it certainly shook up the nation.

Want the fabulous flapper look? Check out our gorgeous range of art deco inspired flapper dresses, from the  dropped waist Black Deco Flapper Dress to the gold lines  and layered pleats in our Pleated Flapper Dress.


Featuring: Ginger Rogers in Vivacious Lady (

We just love Ginger Rogers dress here in Vivacious Lady 1938! Feminine, sheer fabrics were all the rage and with the invention of the bias cut draping was born! Dresses became elegant and fabric hung in sinuous folds and stretched to fit the contours of the body.
Adopt Ginger's Grecian goddess look with our Pink Art Deco Maxi, which embodies the dreamlike, shimmering beauty in 30s dresses with its gorgeous chiffon skirt. 


Featuring: Deanna Durbin (

Deanna Durbin looks the picture of innocence, in this beautiful floral wrap dress. Padded shoulders, silhouettes, clinched in waists and A line skirts were popular in the 1940s.
It was all about looking elegant yet smart, sexy yet refined.  Prints were big, shoulders
broad and skirts long and sleek.

If you love the hourglass silhouette and super flattering shapes of the 1940s than look 
no further than our Black Floral Tea Dress, with its cute fitted skirt and buttoned up waist.


Featuring: Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russel (

Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in Gentlemen prefer Blondes look super cute in there gorgeous flared skirt and lemon wiggle dress! Both are defining iconic looks of the era,
with the full skirt taking the nation by storm and the slim fitting pencil skirt becoming a wardrobe staple to this day.

If you love this look, check out our Emily & Fin Dreamy Deco Dress with its 50s 
prom style fit and bold, bright print. 


Featuring: Diana Ross Andre Courreges Photoshoot by Bert Stern

How groovy does Diana Ross look  in this Andre Courage Shoot?! Space age inspirations, miniscule hem lines and geometric prints, the 60s was a decade that revolutionised fashion!

Check out our bright, fiery Orange Lace Shift Dress If you want to inject some life
into your wardrobe and channel the mod look. 


Featuring: Donyale Luna (

Maxi dresses, crazy prints and flare shapes were all the craze in the 70s, and this 
circular hippy chick dress worn by Donyale Luna for Vogue was no exception!  
Fashion in this era was flamboyant, eccentric and romantic with exaggerated features.

Our boho Floral Jumpsuit with its slinky wrap around body, flared trousers and bold 
print nail this look perfectly.