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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Fall in love with ice cool candy - your perfect wedding outfit!

Go on...say 'I do' to the most chic wedding outfit with our Wedding Shop collection. We know it's probably the biggest wedding ever ever ever, and you want to look the most fairest in all of the land, but don't fret, we've got it all worked out. Just head over and check out our wedding guest dresses, we've even got mother of the bride sorted, you know...'cos we like to keep all the leading ladies happy!

Brides! Yes you! Fixing up your bridesmaids has never been easier with all of our embellished maxi dresses, pretty prom dresses and elegant flapper dresses. Why not choose this sugary sweet combo of candy cool accessories teamed up with our brand spanking new Pink Art Deco Maxi Dress? We guarantee this outfit will make your bride squad stand out and sparkle...not taking attention away from the beautiful bride, of course!

Friday, 3 June 2016

Your festival survival guide - 5 essentials

1. The maxi.
You'll be thanking us for this when you're trying to get changed in the smallest tent around. Check out our maxi dress collection, they're super comfy to wear...if you haven't got one, you need one!

2. The wide brimmed hat.
Protect your head with 1970s sass...our summer hats will be best mates with all of your festival outfits!

3. Waterproof mascara.
An absolute essential. Panda eyes look cute, on pandas.

4. Dry shampoo.
What else keeps your hair looking nice and bouncy after 3 days of dirt?

5. The backpack.
This staple accessory is totally practical and can also be super stylish! On par with the shoulder bag, a festival favourite, this will see you all the way through the season. Who wants to be trudging back to the tent every few hours?