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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Second Hand Style Covered

Buying something vintage means buying something pre-loved! It's totally unique and you have that reassurance that no one else will be wearing the same identikit outfit to you. After all we've all been there when you think you've picked out something really different, which reflects your fun sense of style and embodies you as a person...only to find the same one being worn by your best mate! Which incidentally means you can never wear it again. Well we've put together a list of true vintage beauties that are versatile, extremely wearable today and absolutely gorgeous to help you establish your own individual look!

Just look at this frankly stunning, original 1960s shift dress from the fabulous Christian Dior! This mini mod dress really packs a punch with its current apple green shade and flattering figure hugging fit! 

These 1970s tribal clip earrings really rock a super cool hippy chic vibe that will jazz up any outfit and create the ultimate boho statement. Team with leather or denim to keep it current and contrasting!

This 1970s black maxi dress really ticks all the buttons with its  off the shoulder sleeves, ruched bodice and fringe detailing.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Upcoming Spring Styles

If you're anything like us you are probably dying for winter to end! Well don't fret, Spring is on her way and she's bringing with her some breath-taking new trends! Take a sneaky peek at what's coming...


Stripes will be everywhere this spring, from seaside nautical numbers to pinstripe tailored affairs. Go all out and opt for full on sailor style stripes or for the less brave amongst us liven up your look with a striped accessory, like our chevron clutch. 


We cannot wait to don ourselves a fairy tale tulle dress like these and strut our stuff like a vintage princess! They are absolutely Ideal for wedding season and make one hell of a statement.


Forget 50 shades of grey we are all about 50 shades of pink this upcoming season! 
Whether its mauve, rose or fuchsia you really can't go wrong!

Why not rock our glorious embellished prom for a romantic, elegant vibe?

Pop Art Prints

Who said that fashion can't be fun? With wicked pop art prints dominating the spring/summer catwalks, get ready to experiment with all sorts of fun  and crazy styles. From lemon peels, pineapples, ice creams and melons you'll really set the season off with a bang!

Feature: Lucas Tomaszewski


It's not Spring until the flowers come up and the same goes to be said for floral prints. Keep an eye out for these eye popping floral fabrics and don't be afraid to clash them!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Flattering Retro Shapes to Suit Your Body Type

It's always useful to get a helping hand when it comes to finding a dress that actually suits our body type... we need all the help we can get! That is why we have put together this handy little cheat sheet to help you suss out the best style for YOU. 
We believe there is a vintage style or shape to suit everyone, from the sassy 60s 
shift to the classic 1950s wiggle!

The Rectangle:

A rectangle body shape can be characterised by a straight up and down figure with little waist definition. With a slender figure like this, rectangles can get away with a sultry wiggle or wrap likes this Callie Bright Birdie Jersey Dress which will nip you in slightly at the waist and gives you a gentle curve.

The Pear:

A pear body type can be defined by wearing a larger size on your bottom half than on your top half. You are likely to have a smaller bust and fuller thighs or hips. The trick with finding something to suit a pear is to find something which accentuates your awesome waistline like a flared prom or A-line! Go for detail on top like this Embellished Prom Dress has.

The Apple:

A apple body type is characterised with a fuller figure around the middle, large bust and rounder shoulder line.  Opt for drop waists as they will narrow down at the hips and therefore make your torso longer and leaner like this Zelda Flapper Dress will. The good news is that most apple have great legs so show them off in either a stunning shift or A line mini dress!

The Hourglass:

Hour glass figures can be defined by a small waist, full bust and full thighs. Lucky you!  Go for something that really shows off your beautiful curves and make like Marilyn with a 1950s wiggle like French Connection Stable Dress or charming wrap skirt.

The Inverted Triangle:

An inverted triangle body can be described as having a bottom half smaller than your top half, where there is little definition between thighs and hips.  The trick here is to keep all features and details on the lower half of your body to balance out the top. Go for a pretty prom style like this Dreamy Deco Dress as you can afford to make the most of  your titchy bottom half!  

Friday, 3 February 2017

Top tips To Remember On a First Date

1 . First impressions DO count!

Obviously, on a first date we all want to look our best and what you wear DOES matter because you only get one chance to make a impression. If you wear something too tight or itchy you'll spend the whole time in stilted silence trying very hard to breathe out or surreptitiously scratching your side. 
Go for something suitably you, that you feel comfortable in and is sophisticated yet sexy. We tend to go for something that looks vintage to echo the notoriously sassy pin-up girl, hint at some good old fashioned romance and show off our slightly quirky character! If you too like the retro look go for this cute Black Floral Prom Dress, for a individual edge.

2. Dress for the occasion...

Feature: Playbuzz Cinderella

It stands to reason that if you are going to fabulously swanky restaurant or posh white tie event with your date, then don't turn up in jeans! Not only will you feel slightly silly, you'll regret passing up a opportunity to get dressed up and feel fantastic. Don't get me wrong denim is our faithful standby trend but it's amazing to rock something different and glamorous. However the same goes to be said for not turning up in a ball gown to the cinema...

3. Don't drink too much! 

What is the point in wasting precious time doing your lippy, blow drying your hair and forcing your feet into some killer stilettos if you're going to get plastered and ruin the whole ensemble?  Trust me...panda eyes, smeared lip-gloss and having to be carried home never gets you a second date!