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Friday, 17 February 2017

Upcoming Spring Styles

If you're anything like us you are probably dying for winter to end! Well don't fret, Spring is on her way and she's bringing with her some breath-taking new trends! Take a sneaky peek at what's coming...


Stripes will be everywhere this spring, from seaside nautical numbers to pinstripe tailored affairs. Go all out and opt for full on sailor style stripes or for the less brave amongst us liven up your look with a striped accessory, like our chevron clutch. 


We cannot wait to don ourselves a fairy tale tulle dress like these and strut our stuff like a vintage princess! They are absolutely Ideal for wedding season and make one hell of a statement.


Forget 50 shades of grey we are all about 50 shades of pink this upcoming season! 
Whether its mauve, rose or fuchsia you really can't go wrong!

Why not rock our glorious embellished prom for a romantic, elegant vibe?

Pop Art Prints

Who said that fashion can't be fun? With wicked pop art prints dominating the spring/summer catwalks, get ready to experiment with all sorts of fun  and crazy styles. From lemon peels, pineapples, ice creams and melons you'll really set the season off with a bang!

Feature: Lucas Tomaszewski


It's not Spring until the flowers come up and the same goes to be said for floral prints. Keep an eye out for these eye popping floral fabrics and don't be afraid to clash them!

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