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Friday, 26 May 2017

5 Thing We Love About Summer

1.  Ice cream- Even now we still get mega excited when we hear the ice cream
 van music playing  knowing that a 99 is within close grasp! Who doesn't love a 
Mr Whippy? For those who are fanatical about ice cream we've even found a
 frock to match! 

Ice Cream Print Dress

2. The Beach-  Whether your scrolling on glorious sandy shores or even on 
route to Blackpool, the beach never fails to cheer us up. Paddling in the sea or 
strolling across the coast line, we just love taking some time out to be beside the sea!

3. BBQ & Garden Parties- At the merest hint of sunshine we're all out in
 our gardens firing up the BBQ and constructing make shift cocktail cabinets in an 
attempt to entertain our friends.  Well good on us! The sunny weather is definitely something to celebrate.

4. The Weather- Come rain and shine the blissful thing about Summer is that it changes so often it won't really matter. As long as there are bright skies above us 
and lazy days that last that little bit longer we'll keep smiling. 

5. Summer Wear- From big hats to retro shades we love the opportunity
 to bring those pastels out of the wardrobe! Nothing screams Summer more than a 
yellow or pale pink tea dress.  

Emily & Fin Tuscan Landscape Dress

Friday, 19 May 2017

Rock n Roll Bride!

To say that we're obsessed with the 1950s would be an understatement...and we're even more head over heels for the current influx of rockabilly inspired weddings! We adore the wicked sense of style and badass, rebellious attitude it evokes as well as being the epitome of elegance. From dazzling pearls and crystals to huge fit and flare silhouettes we simply love the charm and nostalgia surrounding these shindigs. Why not go full on fifties for your event, hire a rock n roll band and centre it around a Grease themed carnival or simply hint at a vintage look and work the arched eyebrows and 50s flick?

Feature: The Frosted Petticoat

You could hire out a 50s diner to really get the party started as who wouldn't  love jiving and dancing the night away ? Or for any musicians amongst us make your guestbook your instrument of choice and play a tune for your guests! Perhaps tempt your guests with a Sailor Jerry  themed cake to really make a statement.

Feature: ELLE France

Get the rockabilly bridal look and style your hair in smooth curls and adorn yourself in shimmering crystals like these gorgeous Tassel Earrings . Pair with a ruby red pout and a dusting of blusher and your all set!

For your bridesmaids there's these stunning printed pastel prom dresses, which would look awesome teamed with tulle petticoats and killer heels! 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Wedding Guest Do's & Don'ts

Featured: Photo by Lauren Zaser


Featured : Cosmopolitan 

  • Don't have that few too many. Do you really need the 6th glass of bubbly? Have fun...just know when it's time to call it quits. 

  •  Don't get too competitive when it comes to catching the bouquet! This moment should be fun and light-hearted...avoid elbowing those around you or knocking someone out!Get the look featured here at:

  • Don't wear white! There's nothing worse than turning up to a party where someone has the same outfit as imagine it's your wedding! Do yourself and the beautiful bride a favour and pick another colour. Go for one of these bejewelled beauties instead:


  • Do turn off your phone. Make the ceremony unforgettable for the right reason, not because your embarrassing little mermaid ringtone stole the show!

Feature: Noel Sutherland

  • Do be on time. The bride is the only one who should be making a grand make sure your there in plenty time to avoid interrupting the 'I Do's'. 

  • Do adhere to the dress code. Whether it's a relaxed boho affair or a grand stately home wedding, go for something that reflects the tone of the day. From sassy slip dresses to vintage inspired flapper dresses we've got your outfit covered!