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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

'The Cape'

When you first think of a cape, what springs to mind? Are you more of a superhero girl in fancy dress or are you cocooning yourself in the trend that is starting to appear EVERYWHERE this season (or are you both? I'm probably both..)
It’s a trend that has manifested itself into not just the simple basic shape we think  of when the word cape is first mentioned but in wools and wrapped fabric and (dare I say it?) hello 70’s ponchos.
I feel excited by this blanketed fabricated feel for autumnal fashion but as I tried on some potential’s last week I found myself wondering, how wearable is this fashion and how should I style them?
Here at Rock My Vintage we've been putting together a couple of looks with our products to inspire! 
Let us know your favourite/how your going to be wearing a cape this winter!

Monochrome Blanket Wrap
XO Earrings
Wilbur&Gussie Edith Clutch
Vagabond Boots

Black Cape
Doc Marten 1461 Shoes
Patterned Handbag