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Friday, 3 February 2017

Top tips To Remember On a First Date

1 . First impressions DO count!

Obviously, on a first date we all want to look our best and what you wear DOES matter because you only get one chance to make a impression. If you wear something too tight or itchy you'll spend the whole time in stilted silence trying very hard to breathe out or surreptitiously scratching your side. 
Go for something suitably you, that you feel comfortable in and is sophisticated yet sexy. We tend to go for something that looks vintage to echo the notoriously sassy pin-up girl, hint at some good old fashioned romance and show off our slightly quirky character! If you too like the retro look go for this cute Black Floral Prom Dress, for a individual edge.

2. Dress for the occasion...

Feature: Playbuzz Cinderella

It stands to reason that if you are going to fabulously swanky restaurant or posh white tie event with your date, then don't turn up in jeans! Not only will you feel slightly silly, you'll regret passing up a opportunity to get dressed up and feel fantastic. Don't get me wrong denim is our faithful standby trend but it's amazing to rock something different and glamorous. However the same goes to be said for not turning up in a ball gown to the cinema...

3. Don't drink too much! 

What is the point in wasting precious time doing your lippy, blow drying your hair and forcing your feet into some killer stilettos if you're going to get plastered and ruin the whole ensemble?  Trust me...panda eyes, smeared lip-gloss and having to be carried home never gets you a second date!

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