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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Top Ten Female Charts!

So, the votes have been counted and the results from a poll by QVC are in for the top ten most beautiful women of all time. Super happy to see lots of lovely vintage pin ups in there too! Apparently the ideal woman is 5 foot 6" tall - rules which unfortunately rules us out (otherwise we would have been on there for sure)! What is nice to see is that there are fabulous real women in this chart -well done lovely ladies...

In at Number 1 - Awesome Audrey 

Taylor Topping Number Two

The Nation's Princess at Number Three

Zesty Zeta In At Four

Wor Cheryl Is Sitting Pretty At Number Five

Kelly Kicking at Number 6

English Rose Knightly Sizzling At Seven

A Cool Number Eight for Kate

Hot Holly In at Number Nine

And Last But No Means Least Tasty Twiggy In at Number Ten

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