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Thursday, 8 September 2011

I'm A Lady!

Well, at least we can try and look like one even if the power to act like one escapes us from time to time! AW is all about lady of the manor chic and we have to admit we love the thought of adorning pussy bows, soft tweeds and tonnes of decadent aristocratic jewellery. Ya darling! Fear not though, even if you are more ladette than lady you can still nod to this trend by simply adding a vintage silk scarf to your neck – an accessory that can lift anything from your battered aviator to your favourite skinnie jeans, sneakers and knit combo.
For us, the pussybow is key and there are already one or two of these little beauties appearing on the RMV ladies. Prim and proper, vintage twist and just the right amount of cheeky bold print to keep it not so serious. Bingo – AW trend nailed. Thank you kindly. x

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