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Friday, 8 April 2016

5 things Bridget Jones taught us about life

If you’re the girl that once walked from the train station to work with your skirt tucked in your tights, blissfully unaware of your mistake, we know you’ll be just as excited as us about the return of our fave dear diary! Bridget Jones is made up of a little bit of us all, making our way through life with smudged mascara, broken heels and cringeworthy flashbacks. She makes it all OK.

This is why we’re super happy she’s back! So pop your onesie on (it’s totally okay if it’s reindeer print – yes we know Christmas was ages ago!), grab that tub of ice cream and let’s have a good look back at the lady we love just as she is, and the life lessons she taught us.

1. Christmas jumpers are kinda cool. 

Yes, that itchy number your Nana knitted you circa December 1993, just shows how you can absolutely let yourself go and embrace the holiday spirit! Don’t be such a killjoy! That guy dressed in jingling tinsel fuzz might just be the love of your life.

2. It’s actually great to be single! 

Look how much fun Bridget has, in-between the tears, trying to find her perfect man. Those smug marrieds might have uber amazing dinner party skills but your partying talents are now beyond perfect. PLUS you can take as long as you want to get ready! No one there to remind you that the taxi was booked over an hour ago. Oh the sweet silence…

3. Being set up by a family member might be a good thing. 

Mark Darcy happens to like Bridget just as she is which means that Pam definitely chose a good match there.

4. Always re-check the theme of the costume party. 

Turning up dressed full on catwoman to an elegant masked ball is not the best start to a great night out. Yes...we're talking from experience.

5. Everyone has imperfections. You’re totally cool, big pants, and all of it.

Go on, look at yourself. You're amazing. Just as you are.

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