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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Fresher Survival Guide

Rule 1 - The Padlock

One of the 'key' things to remember to pack for fresher's week
is a padlock! An essential item, that will stop your flatmates pinching
your precious jammy dodgers and homemade stew your mum made
the night before . It's good to be prepared. Or you could just give them
a hint with these cute Vintage Padlock Earrings.

Rule 2 - Talking Point Clothes

When you're feeling all shy and nervous on the first day, it's always a great
idea to wear something that stands out and can become a talking point.
Think about it, you'd want to talk to the girl with the fab floral print dress
or bright quirky necklace. People, will be asking you where you got this 
one in no time.

Rule 3 - The Shopper

You will be doing a lot of endless trips to the shops - supermarket to buy pot noodles,
book shops for those lecture essentials and the off licence for, well everything in there!
So, you are going to NEED this Showpony Clarissa Eco Shopper bag , trust me!
You will long for the days mum and dad did the weekly food shop.
Check out the rest of our should bag collection here

Rule 4 - Fancy Dress

Load up on supplies of neon body paint because themed club
nights and society socials will take up the majority of your spare time.
Save any brightly coloured tops, plastic glasses and garish makeup
because you never know when they'll come in useful.
There will be bucket loads of 80s themed parties. Don't worry when
the occasion arises we have got you covered.
Check out our collection of brightly themed outfits here: Brights

Rule 5 - An Outfit a Night

You are more than likely going to have the most nights out you
have ever had in your life this fresher week, so you are going to
need shed loads of pretty outfits. Be prepared and stock up,
because god forbid you are wearing them same outfit as the
girl next door to you in halls!  Wear yours with a vintage twist.
Shop our New In Dresses collection here. 

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