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Friday, 2 June 2017

Festival Survival Guide

Feature: The Gypsy Shrine

If you're lucky enough to be trekking to a festival this Summer check out our essential survival tips to prevent you from making those common mistakes that make it more of an terrifying ordeal than an immense experience. Hey...we've been there, trust us on this one!

Rule 1: Be ruthless and pack light

In the comfort of your own bedroom, packing all those heels and accessories seems like a top priority but be warned.  When your trudging a tent and camping gear across multiples of muddy fields in order to get to your campsite you'll thank us for telling you to pack light. Do what we do and pack playsuits. They take next to no space in your rucksack and keep you looking suitability stylish for a festival. Problem solved.

Rule 2: Prepare for the worst.

Every year we all go in with the attitude that we are going to see weather that rivals the tropic but the sad reality is we'll probably end dancing in something that reassembles this:

Rule 3: Hand  sanitizer is your new best friend.

Seriously... do not go to a festival without some trusty anti-bacterial hand gel. You'll be using it by the bucket load as soon as you see the state of the toilet facilities. It's simply a MUST! 

Rule 4: Stick together

It's pretty much a guarantee that at some point you'll end up completely losing your mates whilst your waiting in line for the bar. Keep calm and carry on you'll find them eventually but try and prevent this in the first place and choose a buddy you're going to stick to like glue. 

Rule 5: Think of your health.

Bottles of water, factor 50+ sun cream and paracetamol will be crucial to your survival at a festival. Literally. You won't regret packing too much water or smothering yourself with sunscreen when you see the daunting queue for the water taps where you really feel the full impact of the Sun.  What you need to remember is that you'll be partying in a field all day long so make with the prep!

Feature (Above): The Festival Lobster
Feature (Glitter Braids): The Gypsy Shrine

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